Insight: Personality goes a long way when finding a job, but quickly forgotten during networking.


Idea: Develop an app/bracelet/service that efficiently organizes networking contacts while also creating a personal profile that shows off individuality and personality.

Using NFC technology, our bracelets will allow users to transfer contact information by simply shaking hands. 

Tasks- Receive notifications about who’s near you with similar interests as well as future job leads within that area.

Ghost mode- Go ahead and ghost us! That’s what you do when you’re happily working with people you want to be around.

The Hub- Based on fun daily questions, we will host events in your area that are Clic sponsored.


Answering questions such as, "In times of stress, would you cut off your ear like Van Gogh or scream like Edvard Munch?" will automatically pair you with local events related to your profile. 

CW: Skylar Braswell

CW: Hanai Garcia 

CW: Enrique Nova 

AD: Shannon Deuel