Art is the objectification of a feeling. However, in visual art, nude models are immediately sexually degraded and objectified due to a lack of art education. The same crude comments that are used to degrade art is used daily to catcall young girls.

This behaviors continues through life as cat calling happens in the office as much as it does on the street. As a result, women feel the need to switch jobs or routes to avoid being objectified. 

The culture of art appreciation has remained stagnant as time has gone on, resulting in the objectification of men and women in art. 

Don't touch the art.gif

Create a guerrilla marketing campaign by installing a listening device to detect trigger words such as “boobs”, “tits”, “ass” etc, on murals within Wynwood Walls. UV light will display copy, discouraging the audience from saying those terms. The device will also have a tracker to count how many times the mural was degraded. 

Utilizing Instagram stories, we can pair famous artworks with humorous copy, to educate on art appreciation.


Titty Tuesday is a widely searched hashtag that builds engagement and following. However, Instagram blocks pictures showcasing female nipples because of hyper-sexualization. 

We'll challenge followers to take "titty pics" with our stickers that emphasize our slogan "Don't Touch the Art" to reiterate that the female body shouldn't be sexualized. We'll also partner with other instagram accounts such as @I_weigh and @bodyposipanda, to make a valuable impact.