Background: Zabrina is many things… but her mother didn’t raise her to be a clown. Raised on the classic saying, “Stop clowning around”, she is forced to closet her emotions and aspirations to become a circus performer and continue doing what’s expected of her. Which is to take care of everyone else, but herself. This is the story of a young African American girl struggling to break free of societal norms while juggling cultural norms. Will she ever find balance? 


Idea: Due to racism and sexism, African American women are limited to certain career fields. While theres a push for diversity and inclusion in entertainment, there has never been an African American female clown. Therefore, I created a young adult novel dedicated to African American women to show that they can truly be anything they want to be and succeed. 

Will send PDF upon request!

CW: Skylar Braswell

AD: Natasha Kiyiomy