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Fun Stuff

Here's a collection of stuff that's a tad unhinged, yet so me. 

Arch Nemesis

It’s a tale as old as time... Two girls travel to Miami to get an education but what they really got was a life of crime. By crime I mean creating an Instagram meme account dedicated to feet. 


Don't believe me? Follow us at arch____nemesis. 

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Salty Not Sorry

According to Urban Dictionary, the word “salty” is to be bitter or upset. Thanks to pop culture, the term has generated a trend of memes that we can all laugh about. 


Lay's started it all with its salty Original and we're giving it a voice. #Saltynotsorry is an integrated campaign encouraging people to be honest and have fun, no matter the situation.

Muse Gold, 2020

Vega Centauri Award, 2020

New York Festival Shortlist, 2020

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Duke Health

My CCO asked my partner, Cerinn Park, and me to give our craziest ideas for a pitch. 

So to promote awareness for testicular cancer, we made an old-fashioned gum ball machine, filled with skin tone balls, symbolizing, well, balls. To add seriousness to the initiative, all proceeds were donated to research. 

He immediately included it in the deck, and we made the client chuckle during the presentation.

Best. Moment. Ever.

Oh, and we won the pitch.

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