Meditations for Losers

Last year's March Madness had super fans really on edge because the tournament was unpredictable and the stakes were higher. 


And while we may not be able to celebrate a win together, we’ll all be able to commiserate and comfort each other together. One losing city at a time. 


Aflac will create soothing, sports-related guided meditations from the Post-Pain Show hosts (Rob, Lil Rel, and the Aflac Duck) made for fans who are really feeling the pain after a big loss - city by city.


We’ll use micro-targeted media buys to plaster cities of losing schools or towns with calming content from Aflac, as they are eliminated from the tournament. 

As the tournament continues and more teams lose we’ll increase the media buy from local radio and Spotify ads to video, social, and pre-roll content featuring our Post-Pain Show hosts and the Aflac Duck.


Sample Script

SFX:        *A soothing version of the PPS mnemonic plays. Hosts whisper into mic.* 

AVO:           Post-Pain Meditations, from… 


LIL REL (VO):  Hi. I’m Lil Rel.

ROB (VO):    I’m Rob Riggle. 

LIL REL (VO):  And if you’re hearing this… your team just lost. 

ROB (VO):    We get it. Getting upset is… upsetting. 

LIL REL (VO):  You thought you were going all the way to the Final Four.
                  Instead you’re lying awake at 4am trying to figure out where it                                         all went wrong. 

ROB (VO):     On the court. That’s… probably where it all went wrong. 

LIL REL (VO):  But hey, when it comes to scoring less points than the other                        t.                     team…you’re a winner. Now take a deep breath, tear up that                                           bracket, and say it with us… 

AFLAC DUCK:    (SOFTLY WHISPERS) Aaaaaaa-flaaaaac…